The Revolutionary Device That Stops Migraines In Their Tracks

The Migracorr Migraine Stopper is a portable device that uses a powerful drug-free technique to relieve even your most intense migraines — in just a few minutes.

Forget painkillers… soothe your migraines quickly & naturally with The Migraine Stopper!

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Get Fast Relief — Whenever & Wherever

The Migraine Stopper is portable, works in minutes, and is safe to use whenever you need relief!


How It Works

Simply place The Migraine Stopper in one ear (like an earbud) and gently squeeze the pump to enjoy quick, long-lasting relief from even the strongest migraines!

It sounds (and feels) like magic, but it’s actually due to a revolutionary technique called Dual Neuromodulation, which relieves your pain at the source — without using drugs. Each pump of air is designed to gently and precisely stimulate two key cranial nerves, which calm down the overactive part of the brain causing your migraine.

It’s never been easier — or safer — to relieve your migraines the moment they hit!


Relieve Your Migraines In Minutes — Then Get Back To Your Life!

Migraines can take control of your life — and most existing treatments are either time-consuming, loaded with side effects, or downright useless.

With The Migraine Stopper, you could say goodbye to addictive painkillers and spending all day in the dark — because you finally have a convenient, easy, and effective way to treat your migraines on the spot. It only takes a few minutes to eliminate the pain and move on!

The Migraine Stopper doesn’t just stop migraines, it gives you your life back!


Relieves & Prevents Even The Toughest Migraines

Although Neuromodulation has been used to relieve migraines for decades, only The Migraine Stopper uses a patented migraine relief valve — which allows precise positive and negative air pressure to stimulate the trigeminal and vagus nerves.

This breakthrough “Dual Neuromodulation” technique helps migraine patients in two important ways:

  1. When you’re in pain, The Migraine Stopper could end your migraine in minutes.
  2. Using The Migraine Stopper daily could prevent migraines from occuring in the first place.

Most importantly it is completely natural and safe!

Learn To Use It In Minutes — Enjoy A Lifetime Of Relief!

No Prescriptions Or Refills

Not only do drugs have bad side effects, but you have to keep buying and refilling them. Migraine Stopper is the one-time purchase, no batteries required, safe and effective solution.

Prevents Migraines From Happening

What’s better than getting rid of a migraine? Never having one in the first place! Using The Migraine Stopper daily could prevent attacks from happening entirely.

Portable & Compact

The Migraine Stopper was designed for portability along with effectiveness — it’s small enough to pack in your purse or bag, meaning relief will always be within your reach!

Thousands Of People Trust The Migraine Stopper

5.0 star rating
Chris T.‎
Verified Buyer

“Nothing Short of Miraculous”

Nothing else I’ve ever tried ever really stopped a Migraine, Migraine Stopper not only stops the Migraine but reverses it till I have a completely clear head. Even helped reduce the pain of a Sinus Headache today. If you’re truly a Migraine sufferer, you know it’s not just the pain, it’s the fact that a Migraine shuts you down. Migraine Stopper simply takes it all away in a matter of seconds and I continue to improve for hours afterwards. If the Migraine comes back, just do it again, works every time. I’d recommend Migraine Stopper to anyone. Thank you for giving me true Migraine relief for the first time in my life

5.0 star rating
Kara R.‎
Verified Buyer

“Skeptic Turned Believer!”

The thought of this product being able to stop a migraine that paracetamol or ibuprofen couldn’t, seemed like [a] joke! But my friend recommended I try it and it was the best purchase I’ve made. I get migraines at least once a month and have tried everything to stop them, now I finally don’t have to live in fear of migraines. Thanks Dr Adam!!

5.0 star rating
Maureen B.‎
Verified Buyer


I’ve never written a testimonial for any product before this but I just HAD to! I bought it for my daughter, who over the last 8 – 10 weeks has had debilitating migraines. [She] came over on Friday night after work (already with a migraine). She used [The Migraine Stopper] for 8 cycles and it “turned the migraine off”. I can't tell you how thrilled we are! A product that works!

She sent me a text this afternoon to say she hadn't taken any pain medication at all today!!! How can we shout this from the rooftops? So many people suffer from debilitating Migraines. Your product is a life saver!

5.0 star rating
Mel L.‎
Verified Buyer

“I’m Amazed”

I’ve been using this product for 2 months. I’ve been using it as a preventative measure and also have treated one migraine with it. As soon as I used the product on the migraine, it turned off and I did not have any after effects such as a migraine hangover, etc. I am absolutely amazed that such a product exists and that it has been able to help me with my migraines. Thank you Dr Adam.

The Migraine Stopper Is Easy To Use

Most users find relief in under a minute!

step 1

Gently Insert The Earpiece

step 2

Squeeze The Bulb

step 3

Enjoy Life Again!


A Lifetime Of Relief In One Convenient Device

100% Natural
Non-invasive, drug-free treatment
Painless & Safe
FDA Listed
Durable Materials
Designed for daily use
Patented Design
Nothing else offers Dual Neuromodulation!

We Harnessed A Major Breakthrough To Help Millions Get Fast, Natural Relief

After reading a groundbreaking study in which migraine patients saw unbelievable results from Neuromodulation, Adam Meredith — a retired Chiropractor with 20 years of healthcare experience — went on a mission to create a device he himself could use to help his migraine patients.

It took him 3 years of research and development to perfect the design… but it was worth it. The Migraine Stopper is the world's first patient-operated, portable pneumatic migraine medical device specifically created to assist in the treatment of migraines.

Thanks to Adam’s belief in natural treatment, millions of people around the world now have access to a safe, fast-acting way to relieve their migraine pain!

Your Satisfaction Is Our Priority

Try The Migraine Stopper risk-free and if you don’t love it, we’ll fix it.


If for any reason you’re not 100% satisfied with The Migraine Stopper, you can easily return it, hassle-free!


The Migraine Stopper is proudly designed in Australia.


We also provide fast shipping to over 30 countries. Free shipping on qualifying offers only.

Quality Promise

We control every step of the process to ensure a safe and high-quality product.


They’re real humans, they’re quick, and they actually like talking to you.


Our mission is to help millions of people enjoy fast, drug-free relief from migraines.

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